The Red Chairs Mystery

A woman’s dead body is discovered in one of two red leather armchairs in the middle of a golf course. Sent to investigate, Detective Holly Angel must uncover who this is, how she died, and what could be the significance of those red chairs? With few initial clues, a compelling revenge story finally begins to emerge.

Larry Culliford, working professionally with the police in London and Sussex, has interviewed many people accused of crimes and given key evidence in two murder trials. In this, his first crime novel, he uses this wealth of experience to create a realistic storyline with engaging life-like characters. 
"I like explaining why people do things", says the author. "What made Holly join the police, for example, as well as why criminals turn to crime."

Praise for The Red Chairs Mystery

“A good crime story, very well written… I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Ewen Murray – veteran Sky TV Golf Commentator.
"I particularly appreciated the book's warmth and humanity."
Dr. Malcolm Donaldson.

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